We are driven by Methodology. It's the left, right and centre of what we do.
In an industry where 'cross the bridge when you get there' approach is the usual norm, we choose to do things
differently with MaxPace Methodology. A system rooted in vast insights that Rahil accumulated through two decades of field
experience and shaped by deep analytical understanding that Monali gained at top global consulting firms. This unique
combination has shaped a robust system that ensures a zero-cancellation track record.
Moves can't be boxed into categories or
types. Each one is a stand-alone journey.
Our Screening Tools captures all
details and variance,
so that even the smallest
aspect blips on our radar.
Each detail is
then evaluated with our collective
understanding to tap out any likely
hitches. Our Anticipate & Provision
evolves a blueprint, mapping
out desired milestones.
Stakeholders are
briefed individually
about their onus at touchpoints. Our
Report-Back System monitors the
move through each milestone and
updates the Tracking Dashboard.
From packing the first object from
site, to unpacking and placing the last
one at the final destination, a stringent
zero-tolerance for any
digression from the Move
is maintained.
Any new learning is
processed through
our Insight-
Building System
to be analysed
and funnelled to refine and adapt
our methodology further.
The move is audited
across technical,
operational and customer
fulfillment parameters. Our Audit &
Collate System
gathers inputs from
our team, customer and client.