During relocation of homes, offices or business set-ups, there is a possibility to
safeguard and hold the belongings securely before it can be delivered or installed for
use. MaxPace makes this possible with, both, long-term and short-term warehousing.
We provide storage facilities across multiple locations in India. MaxPace warehouses are clean, palletised, free from dust, termites, rodents, and are manned 24x7 by security personnel. We secure items with durable, sturdy and moisture-free packaging, transport them, and store them in customised cabins. Minimal handling, minimises chances of incidental damage. We pay close attention to details, to keep goods intact.
Our services look at aligning the movement to suit your schedule, and not the other way round. When you are ready for receiving, the packed items are delivered to the new address, unloaded and unpacked as per the dynamics of your new home or office. In the course of the pandemic, many households and business owners, have engaged MaxPace to safely store personal and workplace materials, as a stop-gap arrangement till normalcy returns, to save on rental costs.
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