MaxPace Relocations understand the importance of environmental protection and is committed to undertake all reasonable measures to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment. We also guide our employees, suppliers and partners to help improving environmental performance through the implementation of the following:

  • Continuously assess the environmental effects of the organizations activities
  • Preventing environmental pollution and conservation of natural resources
  • Minimize toxic emissions through proper vehicle maintenance, CNG enabled vehicles and use and maintenance guidelines of the vehicles
  • Recycling and reasonable re-use of packaging materials
  • Use of environment friendly packaging material such as moving blankets, PVC crates, fiber drums, etc.
  • Minimization of inefficiencies in packing and office material, Water and Energy consumptions through use of star-rated appliances
  • Strict Implementation of No Smoking Policy within the organization premises
  • Re-placement of paper documents with electronic documents and systems
  • Meet all the environmental legislation that relates to the Company
  • Spread awareness to staff, partners and stake-holders to adopt environment friendly policies
  • Continuous re-invention of the processes to improve the environmental performance of our products and services
  • Complying with all legal and other requirements that apply to the organization’s operations related to its environmental aspects
  • This Policy is communicated to all employees, suppliers and sub-contractors and is made available to the public through our website


MaxPace Relocations is a quality oriented company and committed to prevent corruption, bribery and fraudulent activities.It is our policy to comply with all statutory laws, rules and regulations governing anti bribery and anti-corruption in India.This policy applies to our employees, agents, partners, consultants or any individuals or organizations associated with us.

  • No cash may be offered to or accepted from customers, suppliers, consultants, government representatives, private person or company to seek any favour in the business in any circumstances. This policy however does not prohibit the following practices:
    • Normal and appropriate hospitality (given or received) – This is limited to promotional business gifts such as calendars, diaries, pen, and chocolates/sweets etc. The value of gift and hospitality may be varied, however the same shall not exceed the sum of Rs. 500/-
    • The giving of a ceremonial gift on a festival or at Special Occasion. Gift are distributed on festive occasions only that too remain modest and reasonable
    • MPR gives gifts to its own employees and partners only
  • Any employees throughout MaxPace Relocations can report of bribery and corruption activities in the organization to management. The necessary redressal mechanism is in place to avoid the recurrence of such and activity in future
  • Appropriate action will be taken against the employees, agent or supplier found involved in any such activity


MaxPace Relocations (MPR) is fully committed to providing an incident-free work environment to its employees and business partners.Individual involvement, personal responsibility, accountability, and continuous improvement are expected of all employees, clients and subcontractors.

We endeavor

  • To provide adequate cover for the health and safety risk arising from our work activities by means of health insurance for our employees
  • To consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety
  • To ensure safe handling and use of substances or equipment’s
  • To provide information, guidance and supervision for employees
  • To educate employees about materials equipment or processes, used in their work, which are thought to be potentially hazardous to Health & Safety
  • To ensure that all employee are competent to do their task, and to give them adequate training
  • To maintain safe and healthy working conditions
  • To prevent accident and cases of work related ill health
  • To provide immediate first aid and prompt treatment for any injury or illness at work
  • To ensure that fire prevention procedures are followed and in operation
  • To review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals

Health & Safety Rules:

  • Smoking, chewing tobacco is strictly not allowed at work place
  • Verify Isolation before work begins and use the specified life protecting equipment’s
  • Obtain authorization before entering a confined space
  • Obtain authorization before overriding or disabling safety critical equipment’s
  • Protect self against a fall when working at height
  • Do not walk under a suspended load
  • No alcohol or drugs while working or driving
  • No use of cell phone and not exceeding speed limits
  • Use of GPS-enabled closed container vehicles for tracking and safety of consignment and crew
  • Use Gloves wherever required
  • Wear Safety Shoes and Safety Caps in case of office shifting or Industrial Packing
  • Drinking water cooler dispenser/refrigerator must be kept well covered, clean, tested and disinfected as necessary. Toilet in office premises must be neat, clean, hygienic and well ventilated